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The Mind Unleashed

2017-09-06 07:58:42 by UndergroundAlliance



Hello again, followers of the heavy! If you haven’t heard the name yet, it’s time to get acquainted with THE MIND UNLEASHED. No, I’m not talking about spiritual self help news mumbo-jumbo, This is the newest, heaviest, and metal-est band around the Maritimes. Comprised of Jamie Norrad, (Wasteland Zombies / ex Age of Days Guitarist) Steve Mansfield, (Iron Maiden Tribute Band Drummer, Run For Your Lives) and Cujo Bonvie (All around “cool guy”, and ex vocalist for Winters Howl) This saucy new band is kicking in some teeth Pantera Style. Steady paced, riff focused, thick, juicy metal.

It’s been a hell of a blast working with these guys though this was my first time getting to tackle a project with Steve Mansfield, I’ve worked extensively with Jamie and Cujo in the past, and I knew I was getting into something good. This release was a real combination of a chance to cut my teeth on exactly my brand of project, and show off the distance I’ve come in the handful of years I’ve been doing this.

(Tracks in link)

We’ve got the rest of the album coming down the pipe, but we’ve got three songs ready so far. Take them in, and unleash that mind of yours.


2017-06-03 12:06:29 by UndergroundAlliance

Hello, and welcome to our profile page. Jake Duffie from the UgA here. We've finally managed to release our masterpiece, MONTEITH MANIA! Tracks gradually being put onto newgrounds, but the full stream can be checked out HERE


If you're into some of the music we've released, follow, like, or check out our various shit. We're not going away any time soon!






Some of the tools we use to make our music! These are 10 of the better pictures we had uploaded to instagram.


New Release - Bloodletter

2016-11-29 14:21:08 by UndergroundAlliance

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a tune of my own out there, and this one took me longer than I like them to. I prefer the recording process to be condensed into a few days to a weeks, just to keep levels, tones, and energy consistent, but this time it spread closer to the month range. As with most of my personal stuff, it is some kind of hybrid between punk and metal, always trying to keep it fast. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Bloodletter Cover


Jamie in the Studio!

2016-07-20 10:19:01 by UndergroundAlliance

Hello Newgrounds! With the three of Jamie Norrad's tracks I have posted, I thought I would let you know that we have more in the works. The most recent tune we are hashing out has a thrashier feel. (thinking of the dirty vocals on this one).



In other news, we are moving to a new house at the end of August, to set up our studio to a whole new calibre. We look forward to showing you the music we produce.

Find more of our material on our soundcloud!



2016-07-07 10:35:59 by UndergroundAlliance

Hello Newgrounds! I'm Jake, the recording tech with the Underground Alliance, as well as playing a variety of instruments myself.


I've let my presence here fall off over the years, but after seeing a decent amount of traffic on a few of my songs, it's time to change that! I'll be uploading some of our newer content, but until then, it is all available on our soundcloud for free streaming.